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  • The Quality of food on offer is widely recognised both locally and nationally and once again this year our food has again received many very favourable critical endorsements being one of only 24 pubs in Ireland to be listed in the 2013 Michelin Pub Guide for the UK and Ireland

We are always happy to accommodate group bookings and can arrange various set price menus for any occasion. We also have a beautiful private dining room available for parties of up to 40 persons. Feel free to contact us and discuss your plans for your special event.

Bookings and enquiries to:
Phone: + 353 96 75930 Fax: + 353 96 70069



Homemade Vegetable Soup (GF without bread)
Enjoy a bowl of hearty soup served with homemade brown bread [N/CY/SP/G] €4.95

Creamy Seafood Chowder (GF without bread)
Chowder with a selection of fish, fresh vegetables and homemade brown bread
[F/CY/M/C/SP/D/G] €7.50

Crispy Duck Spring Rolls
Strips of marinated duck breast served with house salad and a sesame, hoisin dipping sauce [MS/G/E/N/S/SP] €6.95

Pan Fried Kelly’s Black Pudding
Served with baby potatoes and sweet red peppers. Topped with a crispy onion and rocket salad and a spiced apple compote [G/MS/SP] €6.95 

Chicken Wings Your Way (GF)
Served with your choice of sauce, Smokey Barbeque Sauce or Frank’s Hot Sauce served with  castle blue cheese dip and crunchy celery sticks [CY/MS/D/SP/M] €6.95

Crocket’s Crispy Bacon, Feta and Beetroot Salad
Tossed salad of spinach, rocket, crispy bacon, beetroot and walnuts in a house dressing. Topped with crumbled feta cheese [MS/N/D]
Small: €7.95 Large: €12.95

Crispy Potato Skins
Red onions, sun dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers topped with mozzarella cheese served with sour cream and a house salad. [MS/SP/D] €6.95

Goats Cheese and Caramelised Red Onion Tartlet
Savoury tartlet filled with caramelised red onion topped with grilled goats’ cheese and served with a house salad [G/MS/D] €6.95

Starter Chicken Dry Hot and Spicy (GF)
Fresh chicken pieces coated with house spices, golden fried and tossed with garlic, onions and chillies served with curry sauce.
[E/MK/SP/D/N] €7.95

Deep Fried Cajun Brie (V)
Coated in a golden Cajun herb crumb served with a port and red currant relish. [G/MS/E/MK/SP/N] €6.95

Golden Fried Garlic Mushrooms (V without bacon)
Tossed with garlic butter, smoky bacon and a garlic aioli. [G/MK/E/N/MS] €6.95

From The Grill

Chargrilled 10oz Sirloin of Prime Irish Beef
Served on a bed of sautéed onions and mushrooms and homemade onion ring with gratin potatoes, a house salad and homemade chips. Pick from House Gravy — Pepper Sauce — Garlic Butter
[D/SP/G/MS/S] €23.95

Char Grilled Steak Sandwich
100% Irish beef served on a toasted ciabatta topped with sauté onions, mushrooms and garlic mayo, served with homemade chips, house salad and pepper sauce. [D/SP/G/MS/S] €16.95

From The Sea

Pan Fried Fillet Salmon
Served with wok fried potatoes, spinach and Julienne red peppers with a tarragon cream sauce [D/SP/F]€17.95

Homemade Beer Battered Fish and Chips
Served with homemade chips, mushy peas and caper mayonnaise [F/D/G/S] (GF Available) €14.95

Crockets Fisherman’s Pie
Cod, Salmon, Smoked Coli, Trout and Prawns cooked in a white wine and vegetable cream sauce topped with chive, potato, cheese and a herb crust [D/E/F] €16.95.


Crockets Homemade Chicken Dry Hot and Spicy Chicken (GF)
Fresh chicken pieces coated with house spices, golden fried and tossed with fresh garlic, sliced onions and chillies. Served with curry sauce and wild black basmati rice or homemade chips. [E/MK/SP/D/N] €14.95 Extra €1.50 for half rice and chips

Warm Piri Piri Chicken Basket (GF WITHOUT BASKET)
Piri Piri spiced chicken breast tossed with a blend of sliced red onions, sweet sun-dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, sliced baby potatoes and served in a crisp filo basket topped with a wild rocket and parmesan salad.[G/MS/SP] €15.95

Chefs Sweet Chilli and Coconut Stir Fry
Combination of chef’s oriental spices, fresh stir-fry vegetables in a sweet chilli and coconut sauce served with wild basmati rice or noodles choose from: [G/D] Chicken €14.95; Steak €15.9;5 Prawn €17.9;5 Vegetarian €13.95; or Combo €17.95

Wok Chicken
Tempura style chicken strips served with wok fried Asian vegetables, noodles and topped with a sweet chilli mayonnaise [E/G/SP/D] €15.95

Pasta Carbonara
Chicken and smoky bacon with linguine pasta in a white wine cream sauce topped with parmesan cheese and served with garlic toasted ciabatta bread [G/D/N] €14.95 Vegetarian option available

Chicken and Chorizo Fusilli Pasta
Chicken and diced chorizo tossed in a fresh tomato and basil sauce with Asian vegetables topped with fresh parmesan cheese served with garlic toasted ciabatta bread [G/D/N] €14.95 Vegetarian option available

Crockets Cajun Chicken Burger
Butterfly Cajun chicken fillet, topped with a crispy bacon and melted mozzarella served in a dressed brioche bun with crockets homemade fries .[G/SP/MS/D/N] €14.95

Flame Grilled Irish Beef Burger
100% Irish Homemade 6oz steak burger topped with Ballymaloe Relish, streaky bacon, melted red cheddar topped with tobacco onions, served in a dressed brioche bun served with house salad and crockets homemade chips topped with garlic mayonnaise and fresh parmesan cheese [G/SP/MS/D/N] €14.95

Side Orders

Sumo Wedges [D]€3.50
Homemade Onion Rings  [E/D/G]€3.50
Crocket’s Fries (with Gaglic Mayo & Cheese)[D/SP] €3.50
Homemade Fries  [SP] €3.00
Garlic Fried Potatoes [D]€3.50
Wild Basmati Rice €3.00
Gratin Potatoes [D/SP]€3.50
Garlic Bread[G/D]€3.00


Homemade White Chocolate Brownie
Heated brownie served with fresh cream, Bailey’s Ice-cream and our own chocolate design. €5.95

Mixed Berry and Apple Crumble
Served with vanilla bean ice-cream and warm custard €5.95

The Old Favourite (GF)
Traditional strawberry jelly and Ice-cream. €4.95

Homemade Cheesecake Maison
Please ask your server for today’s flavours. €5.95

Sticky Toffee Pudding
Heated sticky toffee pudding, banana Ice-cream, fresh cream and our chocolate design. €5.95

Kids Corner

Main Courses:

Homemade Fish Served with Fresh Cut Chips, Tartar Sauce and Mushy Peas [D] (GF)

4OZ Homemade Irish Burger with Fresh Cut Chips [G/N/SP]

Fresh Penne Pasta Served with Garlic Bread and Tomato and Basil Sauce [G/D]

Jumbo Sausages with Fresh Cut Homemade Chips and Beans [G/SP]

4OZ Homemade Irish Burger with Fresh Cut Chips [G/N/SP]

Homemade Fresh Chicken Goujons with Fresh Cut Homemade Chips [G/N/SP]


Kid’s Desserts:

Jelly & Ice-Cream

Crocket’s Face Painted Ice Cream Plate

Funky Novelty Ice Cream




To book a table in the Store House Restaurant please call Becky or Noel
on +353 96 75930 or email


Why not get in touch with us and book a night out to remember, or organise that special night or occasion. We would be delighted to hear from you and help you in any way we can.


Crockets Quay Bistro
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Co. Mayo


+353 96 75930


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